Why should I do rainwater harvesting?

Are you wondering why there is so much buzz around rainwater harvesting and why you should do it? Well then, this is for you.


Our main source of drinking water is from rainwater. Our ancestors were aware of this and have worked in-depth to build so many ponds and other water saving methods many centuries ago.

Owing to the increase in population and hence the water needs, in addition to our lifestyle changes, it is evident that saving rainwater is our only saviour.Rainwater harvesting ensures that our groundwater level is at an easily accessible depth all through the year. This is one of the oldest and simplest methods of saving water for self-supply. Just to give an insight, rainwater harvesting is traced back to the Neolithic age wherein waterproof cisterns were built to collect rainwater, store it and was later used for dryland farming.

Thus it is apparent that rainwater harvesting is not a new process for us. We just have to start re-doing what was once a way of life to us. Rainwater harvesting is absolutely cost-effective, time-effective and saves you and the nation from the pressing stress of water deficiency.


Rainwater harvesting is a guaranteed method to ensure that you have free and easy access to portable water which is free of salinity. The stored rainwater needs no to very minimal processing to purify it. Rainwater is completely safe to drink and many techniques are used nowadays to filter dust and other particles to collect pure rainwater and store it efficiently.

All that you need to do now to start reaping the benefits of rainwater is start saving it. Say YES to Rainwater Harvesting!

Save rain before it drains for today and tomorrow.

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