Water Warriors

Do you wish to become a hero? All that you need to do is care for the people around you and work beyond your limits. So did the following people who cared to resolve the water shortage, that our nation is facing currently.

01). Amla Ruia from Mumbai found Aakar Charitable Trust has transformed more than 100 villages in Rajasthan by traditional water harvesting techniques.

02). Aabid Surti runs the Drop Dead Foundation that addresses the pipe leaks in Mumbai for FREE, so far saving up to 4 lakh litres of water.

03). Ayyapa Masagi from Karnataka has created over 600 lakes in the country and has developed thousands of conservation projects.

04). Rajendra Singh known as the waterman of India, has built many mud dams called Johads. He has built around 8,600 johads.

05). Shirish Apte, an executive engineer revived many water tanks built by Malguzaars and increased agricultural output and fish production.

06). Sekhar Raghavan and Indukanth Ragade from Chennai walked to every door to make people aware of rainwater harvesting. Raghavan set up the Rain Centre through the Akash Ganga Trust to address all queries related to rainwater harvesting.