Why Rain Water Challenge?

Rain is God’s boon to us and it is vital for us to store it for our future. The importance of rainwater harvesting cannot be reiterated enough. A house of 200 sq.ft. area can store rainwater for a family up to 1 year with the help of a RWH system. It is time for the people of Tamilnadu come together yet again and save rainwater in their respective houses. Going forward, let us not waste even one drop of rainwater. Let’s take it as a challenge and execute it.

Save rain before it drains for today and tomorrow!

Why should I do rainwater harvesting?

Are you wondering why there is so much buzz around rainwater harvesting and why you should do it? Well then, this is for you. Our main source of drinking water is from rainwater. Our ancestors were aware of this and have worked in-depth to build so many ponds and other water saving methods many centuries ago.

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