Quench the Thirst

How a Chennai Company created a ground-breaking device that cut water consumption by 95%

The city of Chennai is under pressure and now grapples in dealing with the worst-ever water crisis ever seen. Its four reservoirs are almost bone dry and people have realized the seriousness of the situation. Gone are the days when we could take advantage of using and misusing this resource.  Experts have also stated that the situation has gotten worse due to the dearth of rainfall and the contamination of groundwater through overexploitation of plastic and other chemicals. Residents of the city are in a bad state as many have to wait in long queues just to collect water from daily water suppliers.

Many have come up with innovative ideas to preserve water through rainwater harvesting methods and judicious usage. The groundwater levels in the city and suburban areas have also depleted at an alarming rate. According to a recent study, Chennai has become one of the major metropolitan cities that will run of groundwater by the year 2020.

This is a crisis of devastating proportions as we face scarcity of the one resource that is an essential need for survival. The people of the city are doing what they can to collect and preserve rainwater by using various storage methods in their homes and communities. When the city first received its rainfall, one particular community collected over 30,000 litres of water in just an hour by harvesting rainwater from their terrace.

An upgrade for every tap

A city-based company called Earth Fokus has also created an innovative device that will cut water consumption by nearly 95%. The device called “Qua Mist” is a brass extension fitted on taps that turns water into a fine mist. This reduces the gush of water that results in a lot of unnecessary wastage.

Taps release almost 6-10 litres of water per minute. This device cuts down the flow to only 600ml per minute! The product has become very popular among residential and commercial establishments in the last few months.

According to the Founder of Earth Fokus, Arun Subramaniam, the company has sold three times more in the last few months that two years put together. The idea was acted upon when the Founder was approached by a neighbour to create a device that would reduce the amount of water wasted in the kitchen. Arun was on a six-month break after college and thought of giving it a try. The very first prototype made was used as a garden sprinkler. Ever since then, he and his team were constantly working on it by making iterations and then came up with a compact version that can be used by anybody.

The company has taken steps to work on their new product, which is also designed to cut water consumption. Their goal is to create more such products that facilitate the conservation and sustainability of our most precious resource.

We should all work towards improving the health of our planet. It’s not just about creating new products but also changing the mindsets of people, encouraging them to implement best practices habitually, just like how they would use their smart devices.