Do’s and Don’ts of Rainwater Harvesting

Here are some extremely important do’s and don’ts to follow to ensure optimum utilization of your Rainwater Harvesting system.


01). Clean the roof every 15 days and make sure there are no leaves/debris on the roof.

02). Make sure the first rain separator is emptied before and after every rain.

03). Wash the jelly stones in the filter every two months and replace the mesh if it is damaged.

04). Clean the tank once every six months and make sure it is kept closed at all times.

05). Make sure the pipes are well maintained.

06). The sanitation lines and RWH lines should be separate to avoid cross-contamination in the recharge pits.

07). It is necessary to fix gratings at all the rain water points on the terrace, so that no animals can get into the pipes.

08). Use permeable pavements in parking lots, driveways and walk ways to slow down the runoff.

09). Have means of controlling mosquitoes as they breed in even small amounts of water.

10). Tight lid covers on top of tanks help avoid direct exposure to sunlight and prevent the formation of algae.


01). Don’t use paints, chemicals or hazardous substances on the roof.

02). Don’t leave the first rain separator valve and the filter open at any time.

03). During the dry season don’t leave the tank uncovered which causes dust formation.

04). Never drink collected rainwater that has not been filtered.

05). Don’t allow nesting of birds on the roof, which is the catchment area.