Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, said Newton. There are some actions which have a multitude of benefits, like rainwater harvesting. Some of them are listed below.

01). Rainwater requires minimum to no treatment before consumption.

02). Save more than INR. 1,550 per year in your water bill by installing a rainwater harvesting system at home.

03). Easy and FREE access to water all through the year.

04). Pure water is available for your domestic use like drinking, cooking, and gardening which is healthier than chemically treated water.

05). One time investment that will provide continual benefits for a long time.

06). Increased groundwater level that will be a back up during drought.

07). The lives around us are ensured with natural, clean water for their livelihood, as nature intended it to be.

08). Flooding of low lying areas is prevented by a great measure.

09). Since rainwater is softwater, the quantity used for cleaning purposes like vessels and clothes washing will be less comparatively.

10). Prevents soil erosion and related damages.