10 tips for effective Rainwater Harvesting

How do you ensure that your rainwater harvesting system functions both effectively and efficiently? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

01). Keeping leaves, bugs and debris out of your storage and filtration tank is a must.

02). If your tank is above the ground, take preventive measures to prevent algae growth.

03). Clean the gutters regularly to store maximum rainwater and maintain the quality.

04). Route the excess rainwater to an underground tank for future use.

05). Rainwater storage tanks should be fitted with secure lids to help with the oxygenation process for stored water.

06). Calming inlets can be installed to prevent blockages caused by heavy water flow.

07). The volume of water and the nature of the soil should be considered before installing the RWH system.

08). Rinse the sand/gravel and jelly stone that makes up the filter media, once every 6 months.

09). Existing unused structures like dried open wells and sumps can be used as borewells in the RWH system, instead of constructing recharge structures.

10). Install a water level indicator to help monitor your water usage.